Follow up on ASA Appeals Hearing

“What?!? This sounds as it went nowhere. “DEA Knows, there scientists” – Feds have it patented since ’03?!? Why doesn’t this info come back? This is just time again for them to work on a new reason. -> “Look at the trouble of ‘spice’…” or something. There is 6000+ years of research that gets ignored. If we can ignore that I know big Rx put the research on paper in the 1900-1937 time period.” – My Comment to ASA

I just don’t get it.  Cannabis is safe. Its a #1 Medicine forever (6000+ years),  Feds have a patent on it – 6630507 – – Though that gets swept under the rug?!?  Come on guys.

In case you still haven’t seen that big Rx has been big into cannabis  look -

See the whole article from ASA –